Aviation. Business. Investment. Infrastructure. Defense.

Aviation is an area of increasing importance for businesses, for the economy in general, but also because of the geopolitical context. PRIA Aviation Conference brought into discussion new projects, the most important topics and proposals for changes in legislation, but also about education and training of future engineers in this field. In this context, PRIA Aviation Conference took place on May 16th, 2017 in Caro Hotel Bucharest, representing the traditional annual meeting of the aviation community.

PRIA Aviation brought together leading industry leaders, government officials, representatives of county councils, manufacturers and airline operators, aircraft owners, charters, jets and helicopter companies that produce luxury products, technology companies, flight schools, clubs, equipment suppliers and aviation articles. Aviation pilots were present, business aviation and general aviation, and also those who are passionate about aviation. Related industries attended the conference: representatives of hotels, car rental companies’ investors, insurance companies, bankers, lawyers, consultants and representatives of media.





During PRIA Aviation conference we debated the most important and latest information on:

  • Airport development in Romania;
  • Education – state involvement in the training of professionals and companies in the aviation sector;
  • Best options to open air routes to all types of businesses;
  • Aviation business benefits, opportunities for using charters, co-owners of airplane jets
  • Funding opportunities for aviation – buying aircrafts, small aircrafts, business jets;
  • Digitization of airports and the aviation industry in general
  • Best opportunities for aviation insurance;
  • The best and latest models of business jets and private;
  • Latest technologies for airports and aircrafts;
  • Limits of drones, aircraft and space for movement, legislation in this regard;
  • How much it costs to maintain an airplane, to train as a pilot, how can you get your license, which are the airport and aerodrome taxes?
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Salvează în Calendar 2016-05-24 09:30:00 2016-05-24 21:00:00 Europe/Bucharest PRIA - Aviation Aviatia este un domeniu de importanta crescuta pentru business-uri, pentru economie in general, dar si pentru apararea tarii in contextul geopolitic actual. Conferinta PRIA Aviation aduce in discutie proiecte noi si cele mai importante teme & propuneri de schimbare a legislatiei în domeniu. PRIA Aviation reuneste cei mai importanti leaderi ai industriei, oficialitati guvernamentale, reprezentanti ai consiliilor judetene, producatori si operatori aerieni, proprietarii de aeronave, chartere, jet-uri si elicoptere, companii care au produse luxury, scoli de zbor, aerocluburi, furnizori de echipamente si articole de aviatie. Nu vor lipsi pilotii de aviatie de business si de aviatie generala, dar si cei care sunt pasionati de aviatie. De asemenea, vor fi prezente la conferinta si industriile conexe: reprezentanti ai hotelurilor, ai companiilor de inchirieri masini, investitori, companii de asigurari, bancheri, avocati, consultanti, dar si reprezentanti ai mass-mediei. Bucuresti, Romania PRIA events contact@priaevents.ro


Luminita IVAN

Expert in the Air Transport Department / Ministry of Transport

Comandor Doctor Gabriel Răducanu

Director of Romanian Air Force


Director of Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority


Legal Expert, Regional Air Services


Business Development Manager, E&M Corporation

Marius MAIER

Managing Partner CMC Group Risk Advisor

Iulian BOTTA

Vicepresident, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Romania

Sorin Eugen ZAHARIA

University Professor, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Faculty of Aeronautical Engineering


Vice-Rector, International Affairs, Romanian-American University

Andrei Tanase

Safety Manager Blue Air

CNAB Representative


Q&A Session

12.15 - 12.30

Aviation. Business. Investment. Infrastructure. Defense.

10.00 - 12.15

Registration. Welcome Coffee

9.30 - 10.00
  • Contribution and airports effect on regional development. Do we need more airports in Romania?
  • How does aviation operate in other European countries?
  • Air Operators role in the economic growth. Which are the strategies for the future? How do they plan to increase the number of customers?
  • How can we increase people’s preference for air transportation? What is the pricing policy?
  • What do the companies need to know when they buy tickets? What packages are favorable and when they should be purchased?
  • Traffic on airports in Romania. What routes should operate more and which new routes should be included? Business people, what do they need in order to fly more?
  • Airline, private jet plane or renting? What companies need to know to decide which option is the best for each of them?
  • Regional airports and private airports in Romania;
  • Maintenance, repairs and other services for operators
  • Airport infrastructure development in Romania during 2014-2030; Which are the EU objectives?
  • What investments are scheduled by the National Company of Bucharest Airports for 2017 and beyond?
  • Airports traffic in Romania, how it can be increased in 2017 ?
  • The effects and the contribution that airports have on economic growth and regional development;
  • Education – state involvement into training of professionals and companies in the aviation sector;
  • Aviation and defense – new businesses lines should be developed to sustain the increasing of military aviation, nowadays? EU planes for military aviation
  • What do airports need from the IT solution providers to lower costs and to satisfy customers? The opinions of airports experts, consultants, and manufacturers of high-tech solutions for airports;
  • Expert advice, consultants, and manufacturers of high-tech solutions for airports? What are the trends and how to develop the airport infrastructures?
  • Coordination of actions to achieve the increase of private operators authorized in the for civil aviation;
  • Funding opportunities for business – buying aircrafts, new technologies and other types of equipment;
  • How to become a pilot? The role of associations and flight schools. How many private planes are in Romania? How many aviation business pilots do we have? Is there a need for an increase?
  • Role related industries. What are hoteliers offer, rent-a-car companies, insurers, and tourism companies? What destinations are of interest to businesses and holidays?
  • Baneasa Airport Hangars and simplifying security procedures
  • Which should be the VAT for aviation fuel and tickets for internal routes and for general aviation?
  • Aviation money is distributed only to state companies. Should aeroclubs and aviation schools receive some of it?
  • Airports infrastructure. Can the State give warranties for 20 years for credits used for concrete tracks? Can the state give money from CNADNR to the airport infrastructure?
  • Can ROMATSA send weather info to European systems? When would that be possible?

Aviation. Business. Investment. Infrastructure. Defense.

Conference audience

  • Producers and aerial operators;
  • Aircraft owners, aerial taxi, charter operators, pilots;
  • Luxury retailers – watches, pieces of jewelry and other luxury goods;
  • Corporate departments that are buying company flight packages;
  • Representatives of rent-a-car companies;
  • General aviation services providers, flying schools, aero clubs;
  • Investors, insurance companies, brokers, bankers, consultants;
  • Equipment and articles for aviation;
  • National Company of Airports Bucharest, ROMATSA, AOPA, ROMAERO representatives;
  • Handling, cargo, freight forward, cleaning, security companies;
  • Hotels, restaurants, real estate, tourism agencies, oils and gas companies;
  • IT companies, lawyers, insurers, investors, consultants;
  • Mass media representatives.


 Caro Hotel, Bucharest

Hall C+D




Raluca Voivozeanu

Founder / CEO PRIA

C | 0744 584 661

E | raluca.voivozeanu@priaevents.ro



Address:  Barbu Văcărescu Street 164A, Bucharest, 020285


T  | 021 208 6100


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