BEROBA was recognized as Bilateral Chamber of Commerce

Your company is giving birth to a thrilling event that marks an important, maybe game changing moment in your existence.

No reason to be shy and hide it to the world!

BEROBA is launching from today a new service by spreading via its website news flashes from members to announce remarkable moments such as:

–        Expansion of production or logistic facilities & capacities;

–        Launch of new products, services, brand;

–        M & A, buyouts, joint-ventures, partnerships;

–        Change in ownership or managements positions;

–        New hirings;

–        Innovation breakthroughs, awards;

–        Company events

–        and…..

Spreading the news via BEROBA means briefing our close to 90 members and even more sympathizers, who may enjoy your success and feed extra growth by becoming customer, supplier or any kind of relevant stakeholder for your business.

Important: BEROBA was recognized in July as bilateral Chamber of Commerce. New and improved services and measures to intensify visibility in Romania and Belgium will grant better value to our members.

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