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01 July 2016



Be part of the first premium aviation weekend in Romania!  If you wish, take your family with you.

We reserved rooms for you at a premium location. We offer  plane and car transportation through our partners .


In our century aviation and business mix is one of the most important ingredients of your business growth.

Through general aviation you can save time, money and a lot of efforts for your business.  You can use general aviation for business and also for leisure.


This premium event attracted Chairpersons/CEOs, top executives and managers from airlines, CAAs, Airports and other service providers in the aviation industry together with Chairpersons/CEOs, top executives and managers from all business sectors in Romania.


It was an invitation only event, and it was not open for everybody. It was an unique opportunity to connect with like-minded people, to relax and have the perfect weekend, to have the most amazing aviation experience in your life.

We took you to Tuzla Airport by plane, to the hotel by car.

We arranged an amazing dinner and networking experience for you. We had VIP seats at AEROMANIA reserved for you.

We provided you with premium assistance and recommendation throughout the entire weekend.


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Salvează în Calendar 2016-05-24 09:30:00 2016-05-24 21:00:00 Europe/Bucharest PRIA - Aviation Aviatia este un domeniu de importanta crescuta pentru business-uri, pentru economie in general, dar si pentru apararea tarii in contextul geopolitic actual. Conferinta PRIA Aviation aduce in discutie proiecte noi si cele mai importante teme & propuneri de schimbare a legislatiei în domeniu. PRIA Aviation reuneste cei mai importanti leaderi ai industriei, oficialitati guvernamentale, reprezentanti ai consiliilor judetene, producatori si operatori aerieni, proprietarii de aeronave, chartere, jet-uri si elicoptere, companii care au produse luxury, scoli de zbor, aerocluburi, furnizori de echipamente si articole de aviatie. Nu vor lipsi pilotii de aviatie de business si de aviatie generala, dar si cei care sunt pasionati de aviatie. De asemenea, vor fi prezente la conferinta si industriile conexe: reprezentanti ai hotelurilor, ai companiilor de inchirieri masini, investitori, companii de asigurari, bancheri, avocati, consultanti, dar si reprezentanti ai mass-mediei. Bucuresti, Romania PRIA events



President, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Romania

Comandor Ioan CHIREA

Director Autoritatea Aeronautica Naționala Militara din Romania


Director, Autoritatea Aeronautică Civilă Română




Director, Regional Air Services


Manager Comercial, Regional Air Services

Representatives of jets, helicopters, plains factories


Conference – the opportunities of general aviation for business

PRIA Aviation conference will provide you with case studies, best practices, and proven ways to overcome your most pressing business challenges. The conference agenda includes sessions focused on challenges and crucial issues impacting your businesses.

14.00 - 16.00

Coffee Break

16.00 – 16.15

SAR Workshop

ROMATSA, ISU, SMURD, RAS, CAA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association will discuss about SAR procedures in Romania in a 2 hours workshop at Hotel Europa, Ana Hotels.

16.15 – 18.15

Transport to Blaxy Resort ***

16.30 – 19.00


20.30 – 23.00

You will find opportunities of general aviation in Romania:


  • Develop aviation business in Romania
  • Identify and propose joint solutions to industry challenges
  • Discuss and find out about emerging technologies for airplanes, helicopters and heliports
  • Share industry knowledge, information and experience
  • Create a competitive environment & choice to aviation in our country
  • Gain valuable insights from industry leaders on how to improve your supply chain management
  • Discover how you can leverage on new technology the smart and cost-effective way
  • Deliver customers centric service, increase operational efficiency and reduce cost through smart integration of airplane and airport systems
  • Sustain your business growth by exploiting financing opportunities for aircraft, technology and other equipment.
  • Experience high value networking, one-to-one business discussion and exhibitions all in one place
  • Learn from other aircraft owners’ experience and propose solutions for efficient taxation in Romania and the EU
  • Find out about funding opportunities for business – aircraft and new technology and equipment buying
  • Find business financing opportunities –buying of aircrafts, new technologies and other equipment
  • How can you become a pilot and which is the role of associations and flying schools. How many private plains are in Romania and how many pilots of general aviation we have
  • How much costs an airplane, a helicopter or the pilot licence
  • Benefit from in-depth knowledge in a specific area during our SAR workshop
  • Benefit of VIP seats at AEROMANIA – the most amazing air show in Romania on Saturday, July 2nd 2016


PRIA Aviation conference provided you with case studies, best practices, and proven ways to overcome your most pressing business challenges. The conference agenda included sessions focused on challenges and crucial issues impacting  your businesses.



You browsed through the exhibit halls and aircraft displays. You saw all the new equipment that that you’ve been meaning to learn more about and talked face-to face with the manufacturers who have made it all possible. You also saw things you’ve never heard of or thought you needed.

You droped by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Romania and have let  their staff help you fly better, safer, and cheaper with their amazing benefits and services.



SAR Workshop

ROMATSA, ISU, SMURD, RAS, CAA, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association will discuss about SAR procedures in Romania in a 2 hours workshop at Hotel Europa, Eforie Nord.




Conference & Workshop

Tuzla Airport


Aeroport Tuzla, cod 907295, Constanta, Romania






Republicii 13, 905350, Eforie Nord, Constanța, Romania






Rasaritul Soarelui, 1, Olimp, Constanta, Romania


Fly. Experience. Meet. Display. Demo. Fly

Event’s locations

Tuzla Airport, Constanta

Ana Hotels, Europa, Eforie Nord

Blaxy Premium Resort, Olimp



Raluca Voivozeanu

Founder / CEO PRIA

C | 0744 584 661

E |



At your service for any details of the event

Fly. Experience. Meet. Display. Demo. Fly

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