IT&C Companies can find out all they need about license, copyright, patents and inventions at PRIA IT&C and Intellectual Property Conference

PRIAevents organizes PRIA IT&C and Intellectual Property conferenceThe most comprehensive event in Romania dedicated to intellectual property for the IT&C sector, in October 4, 2016, starting at 9.30.

We live in a digital age; the information age is characterized by the transition from the industrial revolution to the digital revolution. Nowadays, digitized industry creates a global economy digitized, high-tech, influencing our everyday lives, how to learn, to work, how to make decisions, to verify our health, to make investments and transactions, simplifying processes and often even lowering costs for producers, but also to buyers. Sectors such as health, education, industry, telecommunications, banking and finance, agriculture and environment, construction and real estate, energy and other sectors are developed through digitization.

There are times of accelerated technological progress not only characterized by innovation, by applying these innovations in everything related to the economy, health, education and our social life.

The investments made worldwide in technology and innovation are huge, and in Romania the IT sector is the most developed and attractive is among the IT giants and they are extremely attentive to investment protection through intellectual property – copyrights, patents and inventions, registering trademarks and design.

In Romania, entrepreneurship in the IT&C industry occupies a very important role, increasingly investing more in software applications, antivirus and more.

Therefore, intellectual property is considered to be one of the tools of impact to the economic, social and cultural development of a country and to protect technology investments. Research and innovation, a strategic component for economic development and human progress is closely related to intellectual property.

Want to find out how you protect your investments through intellectual property? Then do not want to miss this event for updates and case studies presented at the PRIA IT&C and Intellectual Property that will be helpful for your business does.

PRIA IT&C and Intellectual Property is of interest to managers of companies in the IT&C sector in Romania both entrepreneurs and representatives of multinational companies, for directors, lawyers and legal advisers from the private companies and the state of Romania for judges, prosecutors and representatives of academia, authorities and specialized press.

Invited speakers to PRIA IT&C Intellectual Property are: Anca DEACONU – Director Invention Patent Direction, OSIM; Estella Guttman – Head Office International Brands , OSIM; Cristian POPESCU  – Partner, Popovici Nițu, Stoica & Asociații; Cornelius MĂNESCU – Deputy Director General of Directorate General for Information Society, Ministry of Communications and Informational Society; Teodor BLIDARUS – President, ANIS; Gabriel CONDEŞTEANU – Director of Information Technology, ONRC; Prof. Dr. Alexandru MARIN – Director, Office of Technology Transfer, University Politehnica of Bucharest.

Among the topics addressed at the conference will be found: Context investment in the IT&C sector in Romania, protection of intellectual property: copyrights, patents and designs, OSIM strategy of developing industrial property protection in Romania, Competition and Intellectual Property licenses and author rights, obtaining a patent or application for a patent challenges for programs open source, European and national legislation on intellectual property protection for software – current legislation and challenges, regulatory issues, technology transfer, unfair competition, rights and obligations , terms and conditions for software licenses, software procurement and current legislative framework.

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PRIA ICT&C and Intellectual Property is organized with the support of the National Chamber of Industrial Property Attorneys in Romania, Chamber of Commerce Romania, Israel Chamber of Commerce Romania and Romania Netherlands and AIPPI.

Main partner of the event is Popovici Nitu, Stoica&Asociatii and media partners are Agerpres, 9AM News, Business Transylvania, Nine O’clock, IQads,, Wolters Kluwer Romania and

More details on the event agenda PRIA IT&C and Intellectual Property and how to sign up for participation can be found at

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