Martin ROBINSON, CEO, AOPA UK, attended as a lecturer at PRIA Aviation conference at Tuzla Airport on August 18th, 2017

Martin ROBINSON, CEO, AOPA UK,  attended as lecturer at PRIA Aviation conference  at Tuzla Airport on August 18th, 2017.

In our century aviation and the business mix is one of the most important ingredients of your business growth.

That’s why PRIAevents organized this premium PRIA Aviation event from August 18-19, 2017, with the slogan Fly. Experience. Meet. Display. Demo. Fly. It was the only kind of event of this type organised in Romania – a luxurious weekend that brought together Chairpersons/CEOs, entrepreneurs, top executives from all business areas, aviation and airports, as well as other aviation related business – an important reunion of the aviation community and the aviation enthusiasts, of the academic and the business environment in Romania.

PRIA Aviation took place on August 18th, 2017 at 14.00 o’clock at the Hangar Caffee, Tuzla Airport. The next day, on August 19th, PRIAevents offered seats at the VIP section at the AEROMANIA Aviation show at Tuzla Airport.

Through general aviation, you can save time, money and a lot of efforts for your business.  You can use general aviation for business and also for leisure.

PRIA Aviation Conference provided case studies, best practices and ways to overcome the most pressing business challenges. The agenda of the conference included sessions focused on challenges and crucial issues affecting businesses.

During the PRIA Aviation conference, the most important and newest informations were debated about:


  • Developing airports in Romania;
  • Changing the air code and adapting it to current needs
  • The construction of hangars for general aviation
  • Simplification of general aviation security rules
  • 5% VAT for general aviation fuel and domestic airplane tickets to encourage aviation and to open as many air routes as possible in Romania
  • Distribution of aviation money and aeroclubs and private aviation schools
  • Airport infrastructure. Can state guarantees for 20-year loans for concrete tracks be granted? Can the state also allocate money to airports?
  • Benefits of aviation business, opportunities for charter use, air co-owners, jets
  • Digitization of airports and the aviation industry in general
  • Aviation funding opportunities – for aircraft, small aircraft and business jets;
  • The best options that open air routes for all types of business;
  • How can you become a pilot and what is the role of aviation associations and schools?


Together with Martin ROBINSON, President, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association UK, invited lecturers are: Decebal FĂGĂDĂU – Mayor of Constanța; Ivona STAN – European Affairs Adviser, Ministery of Transport; Conf. Dr. Ing. Octavian Thor Pleter, MBA (MBS) – Dean, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering; Iulian BOTTA –  Vice-president, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Romania; Cristina MITCHIEVICI-VLAICU – Commercial Manager, Regional Air Services; Cristina MUNTEANU – Business Development Manager, E&M Corporation; Dr. Gabriel Adrian DUMITRESCU – General Manager, R.A. ROMATSA, Bucharest; Răzvan PANDELE – Representative of Cirrus Romania; Sorin CEPOI – Chief of Aeronautical Agents Office, Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority; Octav ALEXAN, President, Euroavia and Bianca Moldovanu, Vicepresident, Euroavia

The AROPA TROPHY FOR INNOVATION IN AVIATION 2017-2018 contest was  launched at the conference. The competition is organized to stimulate aeronautical and astronautical aeronautical and aeronautical students (engineering and/or economics) and to identify the most valuable aeronautical or astronautical ideas of the Romanian faculty students.

PRIA Aviation brought together the most important industry leaders, government officials, county councilors, airline manufacturers and operators, aircraft owners, charters, jets and helicopters, companies with luxury products, flight schools, aero clubs, equipment suppliers and aviation articles. Business and general aviation  pilots were present, and also those who are passionate about aviation. Also, related industries will be present at the conference by representatives of hotels, car rental companies, investors, insurance companies, bankers, lawyers, consultants, and media representatives.

Tradition partners of PRIA Aviation conferences were Gulfstream, Regional Air Services, Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association of Romania, Cirrus Romania, E & M and MICRI Gold.

Also partners of the event were Regional Air School, PilotShop, Faculty of Space Engineering, AROPA, Beroba, Euroavia, Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romanian-Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romania-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Radacini Motors Constanta, Asociația LitoralDelta Dunării, Romanian-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Romania-Switzerland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hangar Cafe, Aerodyn, Sir Ludovic and NISSA.

Media partners of the event were Agerpres, Transilvania Business,, Aviaţ,, Business 24, Business Journal, The Romanian Journal, Actmedia, 9AM and Burqundi.

More details about PRIA Aviation event agenda can be found on


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