Pria Competition Conference 2021 – participare internationala

29.03.2021 - online





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11:00 - 11:15

Online Panel - The importance of the EU Competition Policies for EU Economy. Which sectors are in focus now?

11:15 - 13:30

Q&A Session

13:30 - 14:00
PRIAevents and Competition Council Romania, organize PRIA Competition conference, the most important event dedicated to competition in Romania on March 29th 2021, online, Starting with 11 am – Romanian time (GMT+2) and during this year’s edition we want to emphasize the importance of the EU approach on competition important matters.

We are honored to present to you the main partners of this conference: Schoenherr, Popovici Nițu Stoica & Asociații și 360Competition.
Competition is a vital mechanism of the economy and the Competition Councils all over the world are having very important roles in ensuring a healthy competitive environment. This encourages efficiency and innovation and reduces prices. Also, companies are encouraged to provide consumer goods and services in the most favorable terms.

We would like to emphasize also the relevant changes during pandemic and also relevant case studies for energy, IT&C, retail, environment, construct and real estate and other industries.

Managers, entrepreneurs, legal managers, compliance and public affairs managers and acquisition directors of companies from all business sectors in Romania are interested in competition regulations because Competition Council advises important business maters from how companies fix their prices to authorizing millions M&A transactions.

In this context, PRIA Conferences and the Competition Council invites you, as always, at the beginning of every year, to attend the first complex event completely dedicated to competition.

11,00 – Start Pria Competition Conference Online
11,00 – 13,30 – Panel - The importance of the EU Competition Policies for EU Economy. Which sectors are in focus now?
13,30 – 14,00 – Q&A Session

Confirmed Speakers:
Bogdan Chirițoiu, President of the Competition Council Romania

Alexander Winterstein, Head of Unit, DG Competition; project leader “Competition policy and the European Green Deal”

Marcel Răducan, President of the Competition Council Republica Moldova

Georgiana Bădescu, Partner, Schoenherr

Mihaela Ion, Partner, Popovici Nițu Stoica și Asociații

Cristian Erbașu, President of Federation of Constructing Companies in Romania

Adrian Șter, Partener, 360Competition

Constantin Damov, President of the Coalition for the Circular Economy

Aleksandra Boutin, Senior Competition Expert/Founding Partner at Positive Competition

George Bădescu, Executive Director of Big Retail Chains Association

During PRIA Competition 2021 conference you will benefit from hearing legislative novelties regarding competition, high-level analysis and case studies of the most important competition investigations of this year.
The focus is still on the fight against cartels, abuse of dominant companies in their activity sector, mergers and acquisitions, and against unfair competition.
Therefore, competition policies must be known and understood by all those involved in the economy. Companies must know ways of how they can be protected by legislation if they become victims of anti-competitive practices, and which are the penalties they can receive if they decide not to respect competition rules. It is very important for companies to know these regulations in the business field, but for individuals.

Participate to PRIA Competition Conference to analyze the legislation novelties and challenges, but also to find out when they will enter into force. Meet the most important representatives of the Competition Council and other state authorities, representatives of Chambers of Commerce and embassies, representatives from the energy, retail, telecom, media market, the construction and real estate, IT&C, banking sector, pharmaceutical market, transport and logistics, tourism and mass media.

PRIAevents conferences bring always into attention the most important and current issues of debate in each business area and benefit of a large number of participants and mass – media representatives. With an experience of over 15 years in organizing premium business events, PRIAevents team is recognized for organizing top events of the most representative sectors of the economy and it is leader in online and hybrid conferences in Romania and Republica Moldova.





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