PRIA Conferences 2017

We highlight the most important and current issues of debate in each business area and follow trends in business so that your event is successful.

With an over 12 years of experience in organization premium business events, PRIAevents team always finds the best ways to ensure you ROI and to conceive a special event for you. We are debating the hottest topics, we have leading speakers, we bring you the audience you need to meet your targets.

If you are interested in organizing a gala, a conference, a training, or launching a product or opening a new office, you can rely on PRIAevents  to design the perfect event.

We also deliver expert training in various business sectors, training that can take place both in a conference room or online.

Whether you want the event to take place in Bucharest or in other cities, PRIAevents can recommend and organize the most innovative and best event for your type of business. Also, we have the largest media coverage before and post event.

Each event has strategic partnerships, media partnerships and has a specially designated project manager who knows your industry very well and takes care of each detail. Our experience, skills, creative vision and our orientation towards ROI for each partner, qualifies us to be the right choice for successful events.

  • ŸPRIAevents team is a strong team-oriented towards business, organizing events with accuracy and passion for over 12 years.
  • ŸOur team members created – from idea to implementation – over 300 events with more than 1,500 speakers and Ÿover 30,000 participants.
  • PRIAevents has expertise in conceptualizing and organizing events in all business segments-macroeconomics, finance – banks, agriculture, IT&C, healthcare and pharma, private pension and insurance, EU funds and SMEs, law, retail, construction and real estate etc.
  • ŸPRIAevents has important media partners, carefully selected for each event.

Below you can find links to:

-PRIAevents website

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-PRIAevents YouTube channel

-Our business portal and press releases PRIAinfo

Upon request via email, we can send the PRIAevents 2017 Calendar to you.

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