Pria Urban Innovation&E-Mobility 2021

15.04.2021 - Online Microsoft Teams/Live Facebook PRIAevents






Secretar de Stat, Ministerul Energiei


Mayor of Iași


President of Timis Council County


Coordonator proiecte green & tech, ENGIE Romania

Cotiso LASCU

Manager proiect GNCV, ENGIE Romania


Director General, RER Ecologic Group

Iuliana CHILEA

Director General, ASRO

Bianca MUNTEAN – Director Executiv, Transilvnia IT Cluster

Director Executiv, Transilvnia IT Cluster

Andreea IACOB

Project Architect al proiectului EFdeN pentru SDE21


09:00 - 10:00
PRIA Urban Innovation & E-Mobility Conference, an event by PRIAevents, energised by ENGIE Romania on April 15th 2021, at 11 am represents the unique platform for in-depth discussions between government officials, local stakeholders, business representatives and community leaders. They will highlight research and projects that are helping to build more resilient, sustainable, and healthy urban communities.

PRIA Urban Innovation & E-Mobility Conference will take online for thousands of online participants.

All these will add value and provide much more than a high-level networking platform. It will focus on the top points of our urban innovation- mobility, energy, technology and infrastructure.

Urban areas are growing and changing each year so we need to be ready to embrace the future as we grow and change. Therefore, debates will reflect the true meaning of what it takes to develop strong cities for the future. Also, we will highlight points that will lead to successful urban activities and we will provide opportunities to build collaborative partnerships, explore emerging urban issues, discover innovative technology for urban development. All this lead to a healthier life and will save time and money for businesses.
In this way we hope that you enjoy this conference and will gather information required to continue making our urban communities sustainable for years to come.

Innovative technologies provide enormous opportunities to improve the effectiveness of business and social life of a city, therefore there’s a big shift coming in the Smart City movement.

How we will reshape our cities and create economic opportunities for decades to come? The innovative technology, green energy and bicycle and electric car infrastructure and circular economy are definitely the answers.

Sustainable urban mobility means the design and planning of urban infrastructure, focusing on environmental protection, reducing consumption of conventional energy, reducing pollution and promoting renewable green energy, reducing the costs of the cities and companies. In this context, projects must relate to cycling and alternative transport must correlate with urban planning, education, public health and environmental policies.

Early adoption in Europe of the Electric Vehicles (EV) took off in 2013 and seems set for further expansion in 2201 and the years to come. Currently, the uptake appears to be restricted to specific customer segments in selected countries in Europe.

High costs, range anxiety, and low awareness are the most often cited barriers to EV adoption by the broader customer pool. Nevertheless, there is a sizable segment of early adopters who are willing to switch to EVs in spite of these barriers.
All these are solutions that will make cities better places to live, work and play and in the same time, are the beginnings of initiatives that will start to allow economic development and quality of life improvement that will come.

A new type of urban infrastructure the emergence of the digital industrial age is coming available and city leaders that will embrace it stand to be the ones that win in the urban innovation era.

PRIA Urban Innovation & E-Mobility is part of PRIAevents conferences which highlight the most important and current issues of debate in each area and has a large presence of participants and the media. With over 15 years experience in organizing premium events, PRIAevents team is recognized for organizing premium business events.

PRIA Urban Innovation & E-Mobility conference will benefit from finding legislative opportunities, knowledge, experiences, perspectives and strategies for 2021 at a high-level analysis, interconnection between activities and will focus on urban innovation, mobility, energy, technology and infrastructure.


Online Microsoft Teams/Live Facebook PRIAevents



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Pria Urban Innovation&E-Mobility 2021

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