Do you set up the events you will be participating in the second half of the year? Do not forget to ask for the PRIA Conferences calendar!


We would be happy to collaborate on PRIA events for the second half of the year.

Events are perfect opportunities for any company that wants to maintain its reputation or to increase it. They are also important for increasing your sales. Through them, new products can be launched, new offices can be opened, the results of the studies of your company can be presented, new managers or quarterly and annual results can be announced.

Business events are important to the company’s image and contribute to its development. Knowing all this, PRIA Conferences becomes an extension of your marketing and communication, sales and development departments.

If you want your events to be successful and remain in the attention of the participants, leave them to the attention of our experts who will take care of the perfect organization of conferences, anniversaries, launches and other events. For today’s busy professionals who can not afford to spend very much time on their activity, for planning and organizing events, this is the best option, by saving time, money and energy, but also using less of the company’s resources, while maintaining high standards

PRIA conferences always bring into discussion relevant topics, benefit from the presence of representative speakers, and bring together hundreds of participants who share the same business concerns and match your target.

We are still trendsetters in business events, bring cutting edge information and track everything that’s new and important in business, so that your event will be a success.

Whether you want the event to take place in Bucharest or other cities in the country, PRIAevents can recommend and propose the most innovative and the most suitable event for your business type.

Each event has strategic partnerships, media partnerships and has a specially designated project manager who knows your industry very well and takes care of each detail. Our experience, skills, creative vision and our orientation towards ROI for each partner, qualifies us to be the right choice for successful events.

  • PRIAevents team is a strong team-oriented towards business, organizing events with accuracy and passion for over 12 years.
  • Our team members created – from idea to implementation – over 300 events with more than 1,500 speakers and over 30,000 participants.
  • PRIAevents has expertise in conceptualizing and organizing events in all business segments-macroeconomics, finance – banks, agriculture, IT&C, healthcare and pharma, private pension and insurance, EU funds and SMEs, law, retail, construction and real estate etc.
  • PRIAevents has important media partners, carefully selected for each event.

Below you can find links to:

-PRIAevents website

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-Our business portal and press releases PRIAinfo

Upon request via email, we can send the PRIAevents 2017 Calendar to you.


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