3Pillar Global inaugurates, in Iași, the third development center in Romania

3Pillar Global, an American IT services company with an active presence on the Romanian market since 2009, inaugurates today, September 6th, the third development center in Romania. The American company chose the city of Iasi to expand its operations in Romania after researching other options in the country and region.

3Pillar Global activity in Romania started in 2009 and has been around for almost a decade. The company has grown organically from the takeover of a local company in Cluj-Napoca to the inauguration of the third development center, the majority of operations are now taking place in Romania. In fact, 3Pillar Global is one of the few international companies to open operational offices in all three sub-centres in Romania – Timișoara, Cluj, and Iași.

The Iași Development Center is a very important strategic step, well prepared for over a year. The capital of Moldova competed with other centers in the country and abroad, including Bucharest. The success model applied in Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara and the high level of IT specialists in the two offices, resulting in an important increase in both centers,  and had a particular weight in the final decision. Other determining factors were the favorable indicators specific to Iasi – the existence of an important university center and a large number of IT graduates, the qualification level of IT specialists and their availability on the labor market, the possibilities of extending the operations and the infrastructure of the city. Following a wide-ranging analysis process that lasted for over a year, the company’s management has decided to open the third development center in Romania and also in a secondary city.

“Iași was an ideal choice for us in looking to replicate the success we’ve had scaling delivery centers in both Timisoara and Cluj-Napoca. Like 3Pillar’s other two locations in Romania, Iași is a city that attracts some of the top technical talent in the world. We’re excited to have started bringing on board a number of new members of the 3Pillar family in Iași, and we are looking to grow the team substantially by the end of the year. Anyone in Iași who’s interested in being part of high-performing teams, working on cutting-edge technology products, and building a great company culture should get to know 3Pillar.” said David DeWolf, CEO of the company.

The office with a total area of 700 square meters located in the central area of the city, in Moldova Business Center, will host approximately 50 IT engineers and specialists by the end of the year. Following the model of the offices in Cluj-Napoca and Timisoara, 3Pillar Global considers the extension of the rented area to the center in Iași to reach at least 100 employees.

At the development center in Iaşi, 3Pillar Global aims to attract senior and middle-level specialists with a minimum of 2 years experience in IT and proven skills in technologies used to develop web applications (Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Front End), mobile (iOS and Android) and testing to join the 450 employees in Romania.

3Pillar Global Romania is part of a global organization with operations on three continents and 800 employees. With 450 employees and operational management in Romania, 3Pillar Global Romania has strategic importance on the organization’s global map. IT Experts 3Pillar Global Romania combines business thinking and technical expertise in state-of-the-art technologies with application in mobile computing, cloud and large data to develop products demanded by top media and entertainment, information, health and financial customers among Which: PBS, US public television, CARFAX, leader in providing information on vehicle history, and Equinox, a high-end luxury fitness company in the US.

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