Companies choose to invest a large amount of their budget in business events

Business events are important for the image of the company and contribute to your company’s development and knowing that PRIA Conferences is acting like an extension of your marketing, sales and development departments.

Events represent perfect opportunities to keep your company’s reputation, or to grow it. Also events are good for increasing sales. Through events you can launch a new product, open a new office, present your study or announce that your company has a new CEO or partner, to announce your quarterly or annual results.

raluca-voivozeanu_ceo-at-pria-conferences“Worldwide, large corporations, business owners, and managers choose to invest in B2B events, admitting in this way that events represent the most important promoting channel for B2B companies”,  tell us Raluca Voivozeanu, CEO of PRIA Conferences. “If they want their event to be successful and memorable, they remember to let professionals to handle your conferences, events, and meetings. For busy professionals from dedicated sectors, who cannot afford the time to plan and organize an event, can be the best option they have to collaborate with, saving money and energy or company resources in this way, meanwhile keeping their high standards”, added Raluca Voivozeanu

PRIA Conferences have relevant topics, keynote speakers and also hundreds of delegates that have the feeling that they are likeminded professionals, meeting the ones they already know and also new people.

It is important to take advantage of professional resources and experience of PRIA Conferences because they have professional teams trained to manage and coordinate your conference with outstanding service and passion. PRIA Conferences can provide the most cost-effective resources for a conference and advise its clients on any event related issues.

“Feedback is extremely important and our participants, speakers and partners continue to collaborate with us for each edition or for every new project. This is the most important feedback for us and in this way we are sure that they have return on investment” confesses Raluca Voivozeanu, CEO of PRIA Conferences.

Managers know that their companies can be a trend setters by choosing to partner with conferences that have the newest and the most interesting topics and with events that are organized in premiere, for the first time in Romania. For example PRIA Conferences organized for the first time in Romania: PRIA Women in Agriculture Gala, a series of IP for IT&C conferences and a premium weekend for aviation business. PRIA also identified the most interesting topics for all its events, selected the best 5 star locations and found new niches for business events in Bucharest, but also for major cities in Romania, such as Cluj, Timisoara, Iasi, Constanta and others.

“PRIA is renowned for creating memorable and premium business events that people will long remember and always associate with us. Hosting interesting conferences, new on the Romanian market was a great way to maintain out trend setting position on business events market” told us Raluca Voivozeanu, CEO of PRIA Conferences.

About PRIA Conferences

With an over 12 years of experience in organizing premium business events, PRIAevents team always finds the best ways to ensure you ROI and to conceive a special event for you. We are debating the hottest topics, we have leading speakers, and we bring you the audience you need to meet your targets.

If you are interested in organizing a gala, a conference, a training, or launching a product or opening a new office, you can rely on PRIAevents to design the perfect event.

We also deliver expert training in various business sectors, training that can take place both in a conference room or online.

Whether you want the event to take place in Bucharest or in other cities, PRIAevents can recommend and organize the most innovative and best event for your type of business. Also, we have the largest media coverage before and post event.

Each event has strategic partnerships, media partnerships and has a specially designated project manager who knows your industry very well and takes care of each detail. Our experience, skills, creative vision and our orientation towards ROI for each partner, qualifies us to be the right choice for successful events.

  • PRIAevents team is a strong team – oriented towards business and organizing events with accuracy and passion for over 12 years.
  • Our team members created – from idea to implementation – over 300 events with more than 1,500 speakers and over 30,000 participants.
  • PRIAevents has expertise in conceptualizing and organizing events in all business segments: macroeconomics, finance – banks, agriculture, IT&C, healthcare and pharma, private pension and insurance, EU funds and SMEs, law, retail, construction and real estate etc.
  • PRIAevents has important media partners, carefully selected for each event.

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