PRIA Medicine Publicity&Regulations Conference&Expo Health, JULY 19TH

19.07.2022 - Golden Tulip Hotel, Varna City

PRIAevents  and VARNA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY organizes a unique event – Pria Medicine Publicity & Regulations & Health Expo in Bulgaria on July 19th, 2022, in CITY of VARNA, in Golden Tulip Hotel.

This is an important event where companies from Bulgaria and Romania will attend. We encourage you to tell us if you want to participate by replying to this email, or if you would like to have an exhibition space ( free of charge)  and a speech.

So, please, if you wish to have a an exhibition space and a speech  there is no fees ,  let us know and we verify the availability for you(

It should be a great opportunity for companies from both countries to discuss important topics and find ways of collaborating in the future.

We will pay attention to the most important topics and thus, we will discuss about medicine, food supplements, medical devices and vaccines available and those that are being tested or launched, but also about their publicity regulations.

Of course, we will include in the debate current issues of interest to the health system, along with all parties involved such as: how to improve the legislative frameworks (laws, rules, directives) on the advertising of medicines and medical devices, but also food supplements, codes of conduct for the pharmaceutical industry, the code of ethics for marketing in the pharmaceutical industry, the role of regulators, the role of professional companies, the role of pharmaceutical chains and distributors, regulation of dermatocosmetics advertising, misleading advertising for medicine or food supplements or dermatocosmetic products.

Also, the role of the mass-media will be discussed, together with of social networks impact that play an important role nowadays.

HealthCare and informing the public about medicines, medical devices and food supplements are extremely important, so we are organizing this debate to highlight new regulations or laws, to see if there were serious violations of regulations and to better inform everyone involved.

In this edition, we also focus on case studies, examples of OTC advertising , food supplements, medical devices and dermatocosmetic products, especially on radio and television, but also more and more, online.

We will also address extremely important topics regarding drug authorization, treatment and pharmacovigilance with our lecturers.

We offer exhibitors the opportunity to establish new business connections, to learn about the legal rigors in Bulgaria regarding product registration, distribution and advertising, as well as expanding the customer portfolio. Participants will also receive certificates of participation. How do the regulations in this area look like to protect patients and use medicines safely? The promotion of medicines is regulated differently in each country, but is governed by the same principles. This must be done responsibly, ethically and to the highest standard, to ensure the safe use of medicines, regardless of how they are dispensed, in accordance with applicable law.The purpose behind the regulations on the advertising of medicines is: to encourage the rational use of medicines, by presenting them objectively and without exaggerating their properties; to ensure that they are properly promoted in terms of their benefits, in accordance with the information listed in the summary of product characteristics; to ensure that drug advertising is not misleading. If you would like to become a partner and exhibitor, please let us know and we will send you as many details as possible.




Deputy City Maior of Varna


Chairman, Varna Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Chairman of the National Council of Self - Regulation Bulgaria Representative of Varna Hospitals

Prof. dr. Monica HĂNCEANU

Medicine and Pharmacy University "Gr. T. Popa" Iaşi and President of RomanianAssociation of Phytotherapy and Practical Phytopharmacology


President of the Romanian Advertising Council and Managing Partner, Medic One


Marketing and Advertising Specialist, NM Genomix


Lawyer, Schoenherr Bulgaria


Secretary General, Romanian Employers of the Food Supplements Industry




Welcome Coffee Break & HealtCare Expo Introduction - Golden Tulip Hotel, Varna City

09:30 - 10:00

Round table - How to improve the legislative frameworks (laws, regulations, directives) regarding the advertising of medicines and medical devices, but also of food supplements in BULGARIA

Topics: • What is the law of Bulgaria regarding the advertising of medicines and medical devices? • Available medicines, food supplements, medical devices and vaccines - what changes have taken place in recent years? • What are the rigors of registering food supplements, medical devices and cosmetics in Bulgaria? • Advertising of food supplements • Medication authorization, treatment and pharmacovigilance • Codes of conduct followed by the pharmaceutical industry • The role of the media, but also of social networks • What is the role of Authority of Medicine? What about the Audiovisual Council? • Comparative advertising, misleading advertising and subliminal advertising; How dangerous can it be? How are the ones who practice all these punished? Where can complaints be made against the ones that bend those rules? • Unfair competition and cartel in the healthcare industry • What criteria does The Authority for Medicines in Bulgaria use to approve TV and radio commercials for over-the-counter medications? • Advertising in pharmacies. Advertising in private hospitals and clinics? How it is regulated. What code of ethics do they adopt?• How is TV, radio and online advertising regulated for pharmacies and for private hospitals and clinics? • Advertising for dermatocosmetics on TV, online and in pharmacies. How is it regulated? • Are there any changes planned for 2023? • Collaboration with Romanian companies • Insights on the other EU countries healthcare regulations, especially Romania

10:00 - 12:15

Q&A and Conclusions

12:00 - 12:30

Visit HealthCare Expo

12:30 - 13:30

Networking Lunch

13:30 - 14:45
During this conference, you will have the opportunity to meet the most important people in the field, to participate in a special interactive event, so that at the end of the event we have drawn ideas, solutions and proposals.

This event will be attended by representatives of pharmaceutical companies, those who produce medical devices, food supplements, patient associations, doctors, pharmacists and their associations, companies in the area of ​​legal advice, advertising, audit, press, representatives of state hospitals and private hospitals and representatives of the authorities. It is part of the series of conferences organized by PRIAevents in Bulgaria, which bring to the attention of the most important and current topics of debate in each field and benefit from a large presence of participants and the media.

With over 15 years of experience in organizing premium events, the PRIAevents team is recognized for organizing well-documented events in the most representative sectors of the economy, and especially for healthcare in Romania, the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria.

­We are looking forward to seeing you at the event at Golden Tulip Hotel Varna.


Golden Tulip Hotel, Varna City


We are at your disposal for details on the event.
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