SALSA WEEK & KIZOMBA 2016 (12th edition)

Romanian Dance Association and Wilmark Dance Academy organized Salsa Week&Kizomba Festival 2016 between August 1st to 7th 2016, at Vama Veche – benchmark event in the Latino community in Europe. Salsa Week was dedicated entirely to the ones who love Latin American music and dances from Romania and abroad, in a unique event also called “Salsa Dancers Holiday “.

For seven days, the Salsa Festival Week participants lived “the real Latin flavor” with dance lessons and demonstrations from the Romanian champions, representatives of schools in the country’s profile and special guests of the event. Each day of the festival was unique. The workshops supported by international artists with different themes (reggaeton, salsa, bachata, ballet, zouk, kizomba and Argentine tango) and theme parties with dress codes: Romantic Night, White Party, Rock Party and Color Party were authentic ingredients of the festival. Wilmark, the main host of the event, maintained the atmosphere of the Latin American parties. (Wilmark is a Master of Ceremonies, dancer, choreographer, member of the jury “Dancing for You” and judge responsible for stage movement in the TV show “KidSing”).

Major competitions took place within the The Festival, including: Romania Latin Dance Cup 6th edition, major interest contest in which was nominated the pair who will represent Romania at the World Latin Dance Cup, Miami USA; Romania Latin Dance Cup Children; Salsa Week Team Contest  – awarding the best salsa dance group in Romania; Free Style Contest – Best pair salsa (improvisation).


LATIN DANCE CUP winners ROMANIA (provided by Onecoin Romania) were:

SALSA PROFESSIONAL Parejas – 1500 Euros
Miler Trinidad & Vidal Rodriguez Georgia Chandrakant

Bachata PRO – Parejas – 500 Euros
Hugo Cedeno & Daniela Mirela Hermenczi

Agata Denisa Marinescu

AMATEUR SALSA Parejas – 500 Euros
Alexandru Dobre Bianca & Gaman


Among the guests were also included Romanian artists, the best schools of salsa in Romania and international representatives such as: Albert Torres (USA), JUAN “Pachanga” MATOS (USA), NINA & ZERJON (SWE) RAMARK DANCE COMPANY (FRA) , MARVIN RAMOS (COL) ANDREA & SILVIA (ITA) extravagance DANCE COMPANY (ITA) IBRA CHAVEZ (CUB), Pamba & ELI (BUL), pasty & HILDE (NLD), IRON Mams & ANTHEA (FRA) ENNUEL IVERSON (FRA) HAKIMAKIM (FRA), Hicham LOKITO (FRA), Starlin Belén (REP. DOM) TUMBAITO Orchestra (BUL).

Top Latin DJ’s from Romania and international DJ’s created a great atmosphere for 7 days and 7 nights in Vama Veche: DJ Dobcho (Bulgaria), DJ Raz (ROM), DJ Marius (ROM), DJ Martinelli (ROM ), DJ Liviux (ROM), and Deej Lindt (NLD), DJ Andy Kiz (ROM), DJDeea (ROM), DJ Marian Schianu (ROM), DJ Monik (ROM), DJ Del Ole (ROM).

Mandinga, one of the most beloved and longevive bands from Romania, also performed at Salsa & Kizomba Festival 2016.

During the Salsa& Kizomba Week 2016 participants had lifetime opportunities to train intensively with one of the best dance companies from France-Ramark Salsa Dance Company and Iron Mams and his partner Anthea, renowned and recognized worldwide. They offered 7 days of intensive training performance  and the unique chance to learn from them technics of salsa and kizomba.

World Latin Dance Cup winners, Andrea and Silvia were also present at SALSA WEEK & KIZOMBA 2016. We can count a few competitions won by Andrea and Silvia: 1st Place at LATIN DANCE WORLD CUP couple Bachata 2012 (Miami – USA), 1st Place at LATINO DANCE WORLD at Bachata Cup 2012 teams (Miami, USA); Second place: WORLD MASTERS Bachata 2012 (Spain); Finalist in World Cup 2011 LATIN DANCE (5) – Las Vegas (USA); Second place: OPEN INTERNACIONAL ESPAÑA Bachata 2011 (Spain); First place: Latin Dance World Cup qualified LIMBURG Salsa Festival 2011 (Netherlands) etc.

The event was hosted inside the complex D’Or, where participants had large rooms of  2 and 3 stars. The restaurant and pool were the highlits places of the festival.

The event SALSA WEEK & KIZOMBA 2016 (12th edition) could not take place without the support of partners: Bestevent (sound and lights and stage), Victor print (printing), Delta Force (security and protection), make-up School Ramona Chirita.

PRIAevents with over 10 years’ experience in premium events, was also one of the leading supporters of this amazin festival.


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